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♥ Audrina's Story .

♥ The lil princess

-Audrina Ng- -25th April 1989-
-Barely legal, 20 yrs old-
-Tampines North Pri Sch-
-Pasir Ris Sec Sch Chinese Orchestra-

-Temasek Polytechnic Business IT-
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*Prss 4e7 '05*
*TP BIT 1E05 '07*
*my BIT babes (deirdre, rui xin & jenny)*
*Pink and Red roses*
*Strawberry Milk Shake*
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♥ She loathes...

>Cigarettes smell<
>things losing control<
♥ Shes wishes for...

~A driving license~
~$$ to upgrade my retarded lap-top!!!~
~New highlight for my hair~
~A new handbag~
~A new pair of shoes~
~More top~
~More bottom~
~Travel around the world aft graduate~
~Lotz and Lotz of $$$$$$~

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<=TNPS peeps=>
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Ban Ban

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♥ Monday, June 07, 2010

Emptiness in the house fills the emptiness in my heart.

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Monday, June 07, 2010

♥ Thursday, May 20, 2010











3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

♥ Friday, May 14, 2010

O my goodness, it's like the 3rd day only and I've spent over 6K NTW which is near 300 SGD. *Gasp* I guess Taiwan stuffs are really irresistible. Ytd, I bought one vest, one jacket, one denim pants, one pair of shoes, one cap and snacks. I've spend arnd near 2K NTW. Today I spent on the entrance fee for theme park which alr costs me 1,070 NTW, then went shopping and bought 3 pair of shoes and one bag and spent total around 2.5K NTW (including the entrance fees).

Ytd went TamShui and played the doll catching machine (sorry, i don't know wat's that called in English) then each try is 10NTW which is arnd 45 cents per try. Then arnd 40NTW, I caught the doll...then the shop keeper tempted to me to play on by saying if I catch 2, I can exchange the one dressed as Michael Jackson or 3 for the monkey pillow which is super cute. Ended up I used up my luck already so didn't manage to catch after that. Oh well, 1 is good enough though.

Today went theme park and I sweared I'm not gonna play any more rides that involves 360 degrees turn. I took the ride that turns my body 360 degrees vertically. I screamed throughout the whole ride because I was sitting the first row. My legs were dangling and felt like my life was in danger and may fall off the ride anytime. Michelle, who is beside me was super brave man. After the ride, my legs were so wobbly I couldn't even walk properly, and with my pale face, I'll definitely not gonna sit on those kind of rides again. Half of my life span gone just like that...Lol!!!

But the theme park wasn't really that fantastic plus the weather sux!!! Coz it rained!!! Haiz...but there's a mini zoo there, saw orang utan, parrots and white tiger (sadly white tiger was sleeping). So, I wouldn't really recommend my friends to go there, though it's supposed to be one of the attraction in Taipei. And I wanted to go Xiao ren guo, but the entrance fees for the theme park is super expensive, so didn't really wanna spend that much on those stuff. If it's cheap, we may go to Xiao Ren Guo, but still budget constraints so we changed my mind and go shopping!!!

Haiz, still sad that I didn't bring my memory card reader, if not I wld have uploaded all the photos. Haiz!!! Ok la, shall stop here then. Thank you for smsing me the sweet message =) It definitely boosts my energy coz was pretty tired walking the busy streets at shida night market. Hehez luv u!

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Friday, May 14, 2010

♥ Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm in Taiwan now!!!! Wheee

But due to the delay, I reached Taiwan at arnd 7pm. So by the time I reached the hostel, it's arnd 9pm. So we only went to the night market to jalan jalan makan makan,. Haha and finally ate the 炸鸡排,盐酥鸡,生煎包,车轮饼 and one litre cup of 柠檬红茶。

I guessed everyone was quite tired so we didn't really shop, because at that time, we were all pretty hungry so only focused on the food.

Shall upload the photos when I'm back to SG coz I forgot to bring card reader -_-Zzzzz Rawr!!

Ok la shall go sleep soon le...shall blog tml

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Thursday, May 13, 2010

♥ Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally settled with my SIM stuff. I hate the stupid...it made it so complicated that I don't really know how exactly I'm supposed to fill in. Anyway, I went down on monday to settle my payment and application. And surprisingly, I got the password to access the SIM student portal yesterday. Lol! So does that mean that I'm enrolled into SIM???

I think so...but I hate it man...private uni is seriously not cheap to study at. Firstly, i already paid the registration fees for SGD $60. Next, I have to pay 60 pounds for the application fees to university of london. Then paid another $1,070 for bridging courses. My godness sake!!!!!

And my birthday party is finally over...PHEW.....finally!!! And thank you YC for being a great help throughout the party. So ke lian to be my servant. Haha being ordered around to do stuff =P And thank you so much for the expensive gift. =P

To all those who had came down to my chalet, thank you very much for the gift and wishes. You all seriously give me a lot of face. Haha and I'm really grateful for that =D Thank you thank you!!!

To those who actually smsed and dropped their wishes on fb...thank you so much. Really appreciated =D

I seriously can't wait for labour day. ♥

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

♥ Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whoa my birthday is around the corner, and like a lot of things still not prepared and done yet. Awww...I really dun wanna screw the party up. Because, personally I hate things tat are not well-organised, so I'm afraid that mine will turn out into a mess. And I dun want my friends to feel bored or left out either. Oh no, I really hafta make this party a successful wan.

I really really really hoping that now is already Saturday. Everyday on the phone with you is torturing coz can't see each other. =( And yup, I can't wait for labour day to come =P Faster faster come!!! =>

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whoa 10 days in malaysia...I wonder wat i'm gonna do there...lol i can predict i'll need to help out in the house chores. Haha...10 days of training on how to be a good wife. Not bad not bad. Haha

Whoa I really wonder...and how I am going to survive for these 10 days...

this is a shoutout to someone "都是你害的!" =P You you you.....

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

♥ Thursday, April 01, 2010

Haiz!!! Why I can't use facebook in 9th floor? Very lazy to go farah's room which is at 6th floor or lobby to upload photo to facebook la!!! Argh!!! Madness!!!! Only can use MSN =( I can't help keep eating....munch munch munch....like nobody's business...and all of us grown fat. Definitely.

Haiz hafta go jog liao die die muz jog.

And I bought a lot of stuff la...spending over 100 dollars. =( Mainly on titbits and clothes.

Wahaha i bought 3 polo tee for myself. Happy!!! And you know wat....the things here are super duper cheap!!! Whoa very tempted to buy the clothes there!!! Wahaha gonna go shopping tml again. That's the most fun part in vietnam, you can see how funny tang lin bargain for cheaper price!!! Haha...super funny!!! Oya and I bought a roxy bag...Woohoo for $8+ Happy happy!!!

Gonna go sleep now..it's 12.20am in vietnam time, which is 1.20am SG time...bye

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Thursday, April 01, 2010

♥ Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flying off in 12 hrs.........

wanna say thanks....although maybe u're not referring to me in ur msn nick, i'll take it as it is for me. Maybe u're saying bye to me or maybe u're not....still, thanks. Really need tat very much from a friend whom I'm really concerned...

Hope you're doing fine...

P.S. Raisin jia you and cheer up!!!!

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

♥ Sunday, March 28, 2010

Haiz, i'm going vietnam soon...I wonder how am i going to get used to it. Coz i'm used to talking on the phone every night alr...then i wondering how...........and also sms..................

Haiz...........anyway I had lotz of fun last night. Thanks. =) Never had such fun time without any worries for very long alr. Think I should really just live and move on with my life w/o any worries. Time to really really really move on and stop thinking much of other stuff that will be bothering me. Whether it'll affect me or not, i juz hope things will be settled asap. Not hurting any1 of coz.

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Sunday, March 28, 2010

♥ Friday, March 26, 2010

I finally booked my chalet le. Yes!!!

3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Friday, March 26, 2010

♥ Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 is definitely not my year. So many things have arised since the start of the year.

What now? My cousin is one stupid #%$# i dunno how to describe him. Can't he just grow up and think for the family?

Firstly, he always skipped school, played truant, not attending lessons, tricked my grandma by wearing uniform, but not to school, to other places to hang around. So now a dropped-out with no secondary school certification.

Secondly, mixed around with the wrong people, smoke and on drugs. Wth is wrong wif you la seriously? And you're not even 18 at that time.

Thirdly, we thought that u'll change once u're in Singapore, work and will live a normal life. Ended up, you went to JB and bring in cigarette to SG and get caught because you're still under 18 because your birthday is not over. So....my another cousin have to bail you out.

Haiz when will you ever wake up? You've created the mess such that the whole family is so worried of you, tat we really dunno wat to do wif you?

I already had enough things for me to worry, your older sisters are all worried of you, they having financial problem already because they come here to work too and have to send money back home to grandma...and here in SG tot that u'll become a good person -.- Wat's so good about cigarette that you buy from malaysia and bring it in to SG?! You broke your sisters' heart because of cigarette. "Good Job!"

I'm still wondering how can you spend $50 in 2 days when you spend the whole day working....what exactly did you do with the $50.....I'm really wondering....


3 words , 8 letters , 1 meaning . I LOVE YOU <3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010